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To maintain optimal physical function and development, pediatric physiotherapists work with patients of all ages, from preterm newborns to teenagers. They are concerned with mobility, coordination, posture, and the cardiorespiratory system, as are all physiotherapists. The goal of pediatric physiotherapy is to create programs that the client will like while also fostering participation and independence.

Physiotherapists for children work to reduce the effects of physical disability and promote optimal function and musculoskeletal development. The physiotherapist’s recommendations for activities and stretches can help you retain a full range of motion and avoid contracture.

1. Improves posture and reflexes of child

2. Make movement easier by training normal pattern of movements

3. Improves gross motor skills

4. Improves functional mobility

5. Improves muscle imbalance and muscle strength

6. Improves balance and coordination

7. Improves range of motion

8. Improves muscle tone

Benefits of Pediatric Physiotherapy Training